About Us

There is a lot to learn from traditional art. The knowledge of traditional culture, connecting with mythology and ancient stories through art and folklores, using natural materials and techniques in daily life, breathing with nature and its diverse beauty, the art of storytelling, is uncommon today.

Hands on Studios is an initiative to expose children and adults to traditional artforms with traditional master artisans from their grassroots. Traditional master artisans breathe art through generations with traditional and natural materials imbibed in their daily life and the experience of learning from them is very unique.

Hands on Studios is a team of designers, artists and model makers powered by master artisans to build new era products with children and adults. Our online store gives a platform to the artisan, child and adult’s work curated collaboratively.

This helps the participants discover an entirely new outlook towards nature, build a gratitude to the world around, and art itself! Let us help them discover and express their emotions in a creative and meditative manner that also makes them productive and hands-on at the same time!