Cheriyal, Pattachitra & Shekhawati Painting Season

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Date & time
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TIME TABLE 1-2 Dec (Tue-Wed) 3-4 Dec (Thu-Fri) 5-6 Dec (Sat-Sun)
1:30-3:00pm Bal Ganesh with Parvati (Shekhawati) Kaaliya Daman (Cheriyal) Jagannath,
Balaram & Shubhadra (Pattachitra)
3:30-5:00pm Lord Jagannath (Pattachitra) Sri Ganesh (Shekhawati) Radha Krishna (Cheriyal)
5:30-7:00pm Maakhan Chori of Bal Krishna (Cheriyal) Yatripata with Puri temple (Paintings) Airavata the white elephant (Shekhawati)

Cheriyal, Pattachitra & Shekhawati Painting Season

What you will learn Hands On

  • Composition and layout of typical borders, motifs & patterns
  • Process of making natural colour through virtual presentations
  • Traditional painting techniques by renowned master artisan

What you can create

  • 1 painting at the end of 3 hours across 2 days or
  • 2 paintings at the end of 6 hours across 4 days or
  • 3 paintings at the end of 9 hours across 6 days

What you need to carry

  • Paper: A3 size; Canvas)
  • Colours: Poster, Set of 12
  • Brushes: Round, #000, 00, 0, 1 and upto #12
  • Fine Artline Pens, Colour Palette and Water
  • Hair dryer to dry the paint application(saves time)
  • Pencil, eraser and scale 

Participants need to be ready with the sketch outline that will be shared before the class on the A3 size canvas. We will share this when you book. 


  • Rs. 1500/- for a 2-day workshop (1 Painting in 3 hours)


  • Rs. 2600/- for a 4-day workshop   (2 Paintings in 6 hours)
  • Rs. 3300/- for a 6-day workshop  (3 Paintings in 9 hours)